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Madra - Dog

Helps defend ideal and keep harmony

Dogs are loyal companions and strong guardians. They’ve helped mankind throughout history during hunts and battles, as well as protecting family and livestock. The infamous Celtic hero Cú Chulainn, meaning ‘Hound of Cullan’, received his name after he made the mistake of killing the smith’s guard dog. To make up for Cullan’s loss, he takes on the role of the dog and becomes the guardian himself. A demi-god, willing to take on the role of a dog certainly shows how important these animals are to the Celts.
Dogs are the ‘tamer’ side of the same energy we associate with wolves. While they can be just as fierce and loyal, they’re willing to obey in order to help out.
The Dog will help you defend your ideals, but at the same time keep harmony among those around you.

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