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Imbas Creations has now sold out on all old torcs, and we're currently in the process of creating a whole new and exciting range of torcs. Check back soon!

A Torc (in Latin torqueo, which means 'to twist') is a piece of jewellery with an open front, usually worn around the neck. The main body of the Torc was often twisted or braided and the ends, also known as terminals, were sometimes lavishly decorated with forms and figures. It is believed that both men and women, sometimes even children, wore Torcs. They were made from Iron, Copper, Brass, Silver and in rare cases even solid gold. Even though Torcs were worn by many different cultures throughout history the Celts, Gauls and Picts are most famed for them.

Imbas Creations' Torcs have changed with their time. They are made of noble-steel, which has it's advantages. They don't oxidize (stain black) as silver does, and the metal is much tougher and doesn't damage easily.

We do full custom Torcs, please check 'Duncan's Forge' in the jewellery section for more details.

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