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A portrait of Lugh

A portrait piece of Lugh, a light deity, but in short he's good at everything he does. Let into Tara in a time when only the best artisans were let in. They pretty much had the master in every art&craft type there was, but when Lugh asked them if they had anyone that was a master at ALL crafts they admitted they didn't, and he got in.

He's featured here with the spear that, in the Welsh version of one of his tales, pierces a stone to kill the hunter which had an affair with his wife. And, in the irish version, he himself is killed by it, after his wife finds out a way to kill Lugh and tells her lover.

He's also holding a stone sling, which Lugh used to disable Balor's (his evil grandfather, Champion of the Fomorians) all-destructive eye. In other versions Lugh blinded Balor with a spear made by Goibniu, and thus we return back on the spear.

Knotwork is done with gold inks, and some silver dots.

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