About the Artist

Ingrid Houwers, better known online as ‘GrayWolf’, resides in beautiful County Down, Northern Ireland. From a young age she showed a great passion for nature, animals and plants alike as well as creating things. She would always try to make something with whatever materials (natural or otherwise) she could get her hands on, collecting and ’studying’ everything that came along. This meant she always had something to bring along for show and tell and not always to the teacher’s liking.

GrayWolf is a mostly self-taught artist. In high school many of her old text books are riddled with doodles that had little or nothing to do with the subject she was meant to be following. Drawing and painting has always been a passion and with the encouragement of one of her art teachers in particular, Hans Westhoff, who passed away on the 22nd of April 2004, she decided to apply for art academy and was accepted.

Art academy unfortunately was overshadowed by an accident in her private life, which created personal issues she had no control over. That same year, because of these issues and the fact that she had more commissions outside the academy than homework, the decision was made to leave the course and venture out on her own. A decision that has spurred her forward and from which she has never looked back.

Nowadays GrayWolf draws, paints, crafts and designs countless things for a living and believes that by making her hobby and love for designing into her job that she can truly put her heart and soul into everything she creates. Other strings to her bow include Corset making, allowing customers to realize and design their own dream corset which she will make into a reality.

She is also a taxidermist, acknowledged by the state, and has done many commissions for private individuals, museums, schools and other teaching facilities. In the taxidermy field her reputation is mostly known for the way she is able to bring back the expression and character that belong to a particular animal and as such has won awards at a European level.

To unwind and relax she enjoys nothing more than a nice long walk through the woods, especially to her own little spot where she has been known to sit for hours with her sketchpad, watching for wildlife as the evening settles around her. For those evenings where pent up energy needs to be channeled however, she finds a good session of fire spinning is an excellent release.

Ingrid’s specialties are traditional Celtic and Pictish works, but also her own ‘free-style’ which she developed throughout her personal studies of those arts, fantasy, anthro-morhpic and spiritual / inspirational based. One thing is for sure… she’ll keep on creating and with her products she’ll continue to amaze and inspire those around her.